Welcome to the home of Zero Defects - an Italian Amiga group. Zero Defects is now defunct, like essentially all of the scene, but back in the day it was cool, and so I didn't want to let it completely die out from memory. Please take a look around at the site for more info. Unfortunately many of the original files you could download from this website are lost, but I preserved the info on them anyway.

One of the reasons why this stuff all died out was that I started having persistant headaches from spending too much time in front of my computer. For almost a decade I had to severely limit my screen time in order to resemble a functioning human at all. With better health care, I was more recently able to figure out ways to prevent most of my headaches through a combination of physical therapy to work on a muscle in my neck called the SCM, a more ergonomic mouse, and also blue light blocking glasses. I can't recommend the glasses enough - total lifesaver. Check out the Ambr Zenith computer glasses that I use now, and any one of this list of the best gaming mouse would be a good choice.

Anyway, excuse my ranting - I know the scene is pretty much dead and probably nobody will read this, like water down a perforated drainage pipe but I like the idea that its here regardless. Its cool to go relive a piece of early internet history!

Signing off,

Updated on 02/02/2018. Click on the images to download the intros. Also available in pack2 (adf file)