Zero Defects was founded in 1988 by Repeater (me... initially I was named Elektro),

Terminator and Xenio. Intention was to found the first REAL Italian demo group as, infact the

Italian scene was ruled by the always lame IBB (Italian Bad Boys)... It took not much from the

founding to release our first demo called PARALLAX, this genuine piece of code was realized

by Terminator (the glorious coder), as it came out it totally blasted the lame Italian scene...

the first real demo from an Italian group was there and it kicked...

Naturally the rise of  ZD was not so appreciated by IBB who started spreading shit talks on

ZD members... It had to happen and it happened, the war between the 2 groups started and never

ended. Other cool releases from Zero Defects came out through the years signing the absolute

supremacy of the group... remember Funzine (the disk mag), utils disks, packs, trainers, demos,

intros etc. The base of  ZD enlarged w/ many members in Italy and one in England but in 1991

(or 1992, I dont know) many quitted (I was the first to quit cause of   boredom)...

Nowadays ZD is definitely dead and out of the scene but it is remembered by the old sceners as

the best italian group ever. Intention of this site is to prevent the name of  Zero Defects from oblivion.


"...HARDLY ANYONE knows that the first great mega Amiga italian coder, who made lotsa things

for first in the world, was TERMINATOR/ZERO DEFECTS..."

"...in 1988, while others were into star fields and scrollers, HE made for first on Amiga500

(512K & 7Mhz) realtime equalizers rotating on an axis w/ wave forms of the 4 channels.

And a smooth 3d rotating vectorballs scroller w/ some kind of "FOGGY" effect..."