The Emulation Section

This Section is dedicated to Amiga emulators users... I have created 4 ADFs (Amiga Disk Files) to let u try our prods on ur

PC. Anyway, If u are using UAE with a Kickstart 3.0 rom or higher, then u are able to mount a PC directory as an

hard disk; look on the UAE's readme file for more (it's the -m option). If u dont have UAE or want to try our releases on

Fellow then download these packs. I personally tried those under Fellow and I can say  they work much better than under

UAE, read "faster!"... If u think I should add some other ADFs (eg. Propaganda, let me know).




Pack 0 This pack lacks of commands... so remember that files are named ZD1, ZD2, ZD3 and ZD4.

Content is: "Enforcement", "Sodomania", "Intro" and "Intro For Nothing".

Pack 1 This pack gots "dir" command, content is: "Breathing Vectors", "Fantasia", "3dshit", "Copper Intro" and "tr. intro".

Pack 2 ("dir" command present), content is: "Filled Perspective", "Is It Possible..", "Just For Fun", "Just For War".

Pack 3 ("dir" command too!), content is: "Parallax", "War Bulletin", "Smau Wow", "When A Tree...".